Consequences Of Dirty Filters In The Hvac

The air filter of a HVAC unit…well, although they look quite insignificant their role in enabling us maintain optimum comfortable level at home is a lot bigger than most homeowners realize. Changing or cleaning the air filter is one of the most crucial jobs of air conditioner maintenance. It prevents most of the potential issues and therefore spares costly repair bills and keeps the unit energy efficient. Regardless if it is cooling season or heating season, having a dirty air filter can cause a number of concerns for your heating and AC system. Here are some potential problems that dirty filters can cause.

Reduced airflow

When you keep the filter unchanged or unwashed, the mesh of the filter through which the air passes get covered with dirt. The room air after being taken thorough the return ducts passes through the filter. As a result less air passes through it and you get less cool air later in the cycle. The rooms are cooled insufficiently. The result is decrease in comfort level.

Frozen coil

The air after being screened by the filer is sent to the evaporator coil for cooling. As less air percolates through the dirty filter, a marginal amount of air reaches the coil. The refrigerant is not able to absorb enough heat to get vaporized. As a result the temperature of the evaporator coil drops down. It becomes frozen. Moreover a partial quantity of liquid refrigerants reaches the compressor. This is bad for the health of the compressor.

Total loss of cooling or heating

Due to restricted ait flow the air conditioner will work harder to cool your house. This will lead to rapid wear and tear. The device will also cycle off frequently than it should. Short cycling will cause noise pollution. It would also mean wasted energy and uncomfortable temperature changes.

Allergen Build-up

If anyone in the family gets allergies due to dust, pollen or mold spores, it is very important to keep filters clean. The dirty filter will lead to dust build-up in the duct which will travel to your rooms as well.





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