Severe Weather And Your Air Conditioner From Air Conditioner Covers To Post-storm Ac Repair In Your City

Weather is unpredictable. It can pleasant this moment and can get devastating in next few hours. Although today we are lucky to have weather forecast that warn us before our whole existence gets swayed away by a hurricane. In- clement weather does irreparable damage to your belongings. A more severe one can rob human life as well. One of the household good that stands a high risk of being damaged by bad weather is your air conditioner. There are some precautions that you should take to protect your condenser units from a storm-

• Turn off your heating and cooling equipment. Put it off from the thermostat as well as from the circuit breaker.
• Take a tarp and cover the outdoor unit.
• Remove objects such as grills, patio furniture and any yard tools that are strewn in the lawn next to your outdoor unit. These can become projectiles under violent wind and dash against your condenser unit. This can lead to irreparable damage.
• Clear the debris around the air conditioner after the storm is over. You will find twigs and branches from trees that have fallen on it and almost smothering it. Open the condenser unit and clean it.
• If you feel the unit is damaged, then call a servicing professional to inspect the unit and confirm so.
• If the air conditioner was under flood water for long never put it on. Get it checked by a professional before you restore to power to the air conditioner. There can be safety issues due to immersion in water.






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