Marvair AVPA72ACA000NU-A2-100 - Wall Mount AC, ComPac I, 6 Ton, 208-230/1, No Heat, Manual Damper, Scroll Compressor, R410A
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ComPaca® I & ComPaca® II wall mount air conditioners
The ComPac I and ComPac II air conditioners are the world's foremost wall mount air conditioners for cooling telecommunications shelters and enclosures. Because of the constant heat load, cooling is required throughout the year. Both the ComPac I and ComPac II air conditioners have the necessary controls and safeties for operation in hot or cold weather.

The primary difference in the two units is the factory installed economizer in the ComPac II air conditioners. The economizer cycle uses outside air, when cool and dry, to cool the telecommunications equipment. The economizer cycle can reduce run time on the compressor and the condenser fan motor by up to 75% thereby extending the compressor's and fan motor's life, reducing downtime and energy costs.

Three model lines of ComPac wall mount air conditioners are built - the HVEA line, the AVPA line and the AVPC line. The HVEA line is our most efficient units with EER's (Energy Efficiency Ratio) up to 11.70 and feature an electronically commutated outdoor fan motor. The 3, 3.5, 4 & 5 ton HVEA models are available with a 2-stage compressor. First stage cooling is approximately 65% of the total cooling capacity. The 2-stage compressor provides lower start-up amps which can be critical when operating with a generator. The two stage compressor also reduces energy costs and is able to more precisely match the cooling capacity of the air conditioner with the heat load in the shelter.

The AVPA units are our most popular units and have EER's that range from 9.00 to 10.20.

The ComPac I and ComPac II are built in cooling capacities of 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 5 and 6 tons and for operation on a variety of power supplies. Units are tested to Underwriters Laboratories and CAN/CSA standards, listed by ETL, and rated for performance and efficiency according to the ANSI/Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute Efficiency Standard 390.

The AVPC wall mount air conditioners are designed for operation in extreme temperatures - from 130a°F (54a°C) down to -20a°F (-29a°C). Note the AVPC air conditioners are not for use in the USA.

Marvair offers a variety of thermostat/controllers specifically designed to control two or more air conditioners in a telecommunications shelter. Go to our Telecom Controllers page for an overview of our various thermostats/controllers.

Numerous options are available to meet special requirements. (Please see the Product Data Sheets for a complete listing and description of the options).
  • Dehumidification Field or factory installed controls allow humidity to be maintained at or below a specified humidity set point. Dehumidification is achieved by operating mechanical cooling in conjunction with electric reheat. These units do not have the ability to add humidity to the building.
  • Coastal Environmental Package - recommended for units installed near the ocean.
  • External Low Noise Blower - used to reduce the sound of the unit in urban installations.
  • High Efficiency Filters
  • Cabinet color and material. The units are available in several colors and can be constructed of aluminum or stainless steel.
  • Hot Gas Bypass - Factory installed refrigeration controls permit near continuous operation of the compressor. Used in specialty structures, e.g. magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and television broadcast buildings to eliminate voltage spikes caused by the compressor starting and stopping.
Name Marvair AVPA72ACA000NU-A2-100 - Wall Mount AC, ComPac I, 6 Ton, 208-230/1, No Heat, Manual Damper, Scroll Compressor, R410A
Brand Marvair
Item Number AVPA72ACA000NU
Manufacturer Product Number AVPA72ACA000NU-A2-100
SKU - PIM Number 1371469409005
ERP Number 328895
Unit of Measure EACH
Weight 625.0 Pound (lb.)
Length 27.6 Inches (in)
Width 44.9 Inches (in)
Height 93.1 Inches (in)
Hazardous Material No
EPA Cert Required No
Country of Origin USA
Tier ComPac
Equipment Type Air Conditioner
EER 10.0
Voltage 208-230 VAC
Phase Single
Color White
Energy Star Rated No
Cased Yes
Compressor (1) Scroll
Tonnage 6
Product Family AVPA
GEM - Case Quantity

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