How To Vent Your Portable Air Conditioner?

Installing a portable air conditioner could be called a cakewalk. There is no installation required actually. The standalone units are set in one of the corners of the room close to a power panel where they can be plugged. These are mounted on wheels and are moved from one room to other wherever cooling is required. The only installation required for the unit is arranging for venting via a window or wall. Once you've positioned the portable air conditioner, you have to set an exhaust hose through an opening to the outside so that it can vent hot air out of the room. The hot air can be vented through a window, wall, ceiling, or even a door. You will get window kit with your portable A/c that can be fitted at the bottom of the window. The kit has a hole cut in it to which the hose is connected for sending the hot air out. The window kit can also be fitted vertically to be compatible with window design.In such case you should buy a unit that comes with double bracket. Double bracket usually fits well vertically in sliding windows. If there is an opening after the fitting the bracket, fill it with some insulation such as plywood or Plexiglas.

If you have casement window then this would need a bit of medication. Buy Plexiglases. Cut it to the size of the window. Then cut a 5" hole and set this over the open window. You can now connect the hose with the hole in the Plexiglas.The advantage of a Plexiglases is that it allows sufficient light to pass through the window as a regular glass.

Portable A/cs are also vented through ceilings. The hose of the A/c is sent to the paneled ceiling. The tile of the ceiling is replaced by the panel that comes with machine. Portable A/cs are also vented through holes of proper sizes cut in the walls. Some people also use dryer holes to vent them. But this should not be done.

Here are the easy steps to install a portable A/c-

• Attach the exhaust connector to the AC.
• Now connect the exhaust connector to exhaust hose
• Connect venting window kit adapter to window kit.
• Now place the kit into the window and connect the other end of the hose to hole made in it through an adapter.





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