How To Replace The Thermostat Of Your Air Conditioner?

A thermostat is a switch which controls the working of the air conditioner or heat pump. Thermostat turns the heat controlling devices on and off regularly, to maintain the room temperature.
For replacing the thermostat of your air conditioner or heat pump few simple steps are to be followed

Step 1: purchase the new thermostat

It is preferable to purchase the programmable digital thermostat as it is easy to operate and saves money by using less energy. If you have a unique air conditioner it will be difficult to find the replacement for the thermostat.

 Step 2: Remove the old thermostat

• Turn off the switches of your air conditioner, furnace or thermostat.
• Loosen the screws attached to the thermostat and remove it from the wall.
• Terminals are identified by different letter codes. While wires are identified with different colors.
• It is necessary to note that which wire is attached to which letter of a terminal.
• If red wire was attached to the “A” terminal than write “A” on wire. Do markings on all the wire
• Attach these wires with the tape on to the wall so that the wires are not lost. A lost wire will make this easy job highly difficult.

 Step 3: install the new thermostat

• Place the new wall plate on the wall and fix it with screws.
• Reconnect the wires to the terminal screws.
• Thermostats can have two to five wires. There is no need to worry about empty connections.
• Place the write color wire in the write terminal by comparing the letter you marked on the wire and the letter written on the terminal in the thermostat.
• If you are not sure about wiring it would be better to call the thermostat manufacturer or an electrician.
• By looking at the letters on the wires and letters on the thermostat fix the wires.
• Put the batteries inside the thermostat and place the thermostat on the wall plate.

Step 4: check the thermostat

• Turn on the switches of the thermostat, air conditioner and the furnace.
• Check the working of the thermostat. By controlling heating devices.

Step 5: Programming thermostat

• At last program the thermostat as per your requirements.
• Programmed thermostat turns off the AC or furnace when you leave for office and turns it on when you return.
• Set different temperatures for weekdays and weekends.
• All thermostats let you temporarily make an area warmer or cooler, without erasing the pre-set programming. This override is cancelled automatically at the next program period.




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