How To Replace Compressor In Air Conditioner?

 Compressor is most important part of an air conditioner. It can be called as the heart of a cooling system. If the compressor stops working air conditioners will blow out hot air. Replacing a compressor isn’t an easy task but if you do it properly it can help you in saving good amount of money.

Following steps are to be followed to replace the compressor of a home air conditioner:

Step 1:

Find out the problem of your compressor, you should go for the replacement only is compressor has failed.

Step 2:

Identify the type of compressor used in your system. Check the model number of your compressor and its capacity so to ensure that correct replacement is obtained.

Step 3:

Turn off the switch of your air conditioning system. Remove the air conditioner from the window.

Step 4:

Open the air conditioner and remove all the refrigerants present inside the system.

Step 5:

Cut the copper lines connected to the old compressor remove. Remove the bolts and the Compressor can be easily taken out of the system.

Step 6:

Now carefully place the new compressor inside the condenser exactly where the old compressor was. Connect the copper lines to the system.

 Step 7:

Add the refrigerant to the system at the proper charged amount.

Step 8:

Assemble the air conditioner properly and place it back inside the window. Restart the system and check if the air conditioner is working properly.




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