How To Replace Blower Motor In Hvac Systems?

 In HVAC system blower motor is used to supply warm or cold air to the house. The motors have to work whole day to maintain the desire temperature. Like all other electrical components with continuous blower motors undergo wear and tear and require replacement for smooth functioning of the HVAC system.

Removing the old motor

Removing the old motor is one of the most difficult steps. The motor might be dirty and rusted.

Step 1:

Blower motor is hidden behind the furnace’s cover. Turn off the circuit of the furnace to prevent any kind of shock.

Step 2:

Before removing the motor from your system write down write the color of the motor wires and where they are connected. It is advisable to take the picture of the wire connection.

 Step 3:

Remove the bolts or the nuts that are attached to the motor. Most off the time there are only two nuts. Slide down the blower assembly from the furnace.

Step 4:

After finding the wheel of the motor remove all the screws from the screw set that attach the motor and the blower assembly.

Step 5:

Now after removing all the screws you can easily pull out the motor from the blower assembly.

 Installing a new motor

Finding the exact replacement of the old motor is necessary. If you cannot find the exact model of the old motor you must make sure that Horsepower, voltage, speed, rotation direction and motor diameter should be same of the old and the new motor.

Installing procedure of new motor is too simple you just have to reverse the process of removing the old motor. Just remember few things.

• The wheel of the motor is at the center of the housing.
• The direction in which the motor rotates should be proper otherwise motor won’t work.
• Motor leads which are not used must be isolated with the help of tape.
• Replacing the capacitor it will help in increasing the efficiency of your motor.

After the motor is completely installed turn on the circuit listen the noises and make sure that the air is coming out of the supply ducts properly. If everything is correct you have successfully installed your new motor.



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