How To Replace A Faulty Contractor In Hvac Systems?

 Contractors are similar to a switch. In your hvac system contractors are used to control the compressors, motors or any other high voltage device. Normally contractors used in your home are 24 volts but they can also be of 120 to 240 volts. A contractor turns your air conditioning system on and off thousands, with continuous usage contractors undergo wear and tear and have to be replaced.

While finding the replacement of your contractor you should check three things to make sure you get the perfect replacement:

1. Control voltage
2. Contact ratings
3. Number of poles

 Steps to replace the contractor

Step 1: removing the old contractor

• Locate the outdoor unit of your HVAC system.
• Turn off the power of your air conditioning unit and the air handling unit. You can make use of the multi meter to make sure that there is no power inside the system.
• Remove the screws of the electric panels. Remove the door of the panel from the unit.
• Locate the contractor inside the electrical panel. Contractor is mostly a black color box with several wires.
• Take a picture of the wiring of your old contractor. For disconnecting the wire gently push the wire form the box.
• If any of the wire is damaged it must be replaced.
• Your contractor is mostly fixed with one or two screws. Remove these mounting to take the contractor out of your system.

 Step 2: placing the new contractor

• Now place the new contractor where the older one was placed.
• Fix the contactor with the help of screws.
• Now reconnect the wires to the contactor make sure you connect the right wire to the right panel.
• Fix these wires tightly into the contactor. Loose wires may cause electrical problems and stop the unit from functioning.
• Put the electrical panels back on the outdoor unit and tighten the screws.

 Step 3: Checking your unit

• Now turn the power of your air conditioning system.
• Let the system work for considerable time to check whether it is working properly or not.
• If all the rooms are properly cooled your new contactor is working properly.




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