How To Replace A Condenser Fan Motor?

 If there is any fault in your motor you should try to repair it first, if it cannot be repaired then you should go for replacement.

Step 1: purchasing new motor

Buying a new fan motor for your HVAC system, you should try to find out the exact model number of your motor. If the exact model number cannot be found you should try and find out the motor with similar specifications in terms of:

• Motor diameter
• Voltage of motor
• Horse power
• Mounting method
• Size of shaft
• Speed of the motor

Step 2: removing old motor

1. Turn off the power of your air conditioning system from the circuit board.
2. Check which wire is connected to which where note down the colours or it will be more preferable to take the picture of the wiring.
3. The fan motor is placed inside the grill and fixed with the help of bolts and screws. Remove these bolts and screw.
4. Remove the grills out off the system.
5. After removing the bolts remove the fan blade away from the shaft. Before removing the blades carefully observe the way they are fixed in the motor shaft.
6. Now remove the motor and cut the wires. It is important to note which colour wire is joined to which part of the motor.
7. Replace the capacitor every time you replace the motor.

 Step 3: placing the new motor

1. Now place the fan blades in the new motor, it is important to fix the blades in the right direction for the motor to operate.
2. Now join the wires by looking at the picture of the old wiring, be careful that the wires are placed away from the fan blades.
3. Put the motor back into the grill and fix it with the bolts and nuts.
4. After this grill the motor on the condenser.

After this procedure is completed start the system again and check if it is working properly are the fans rotating properly and the home is properly cooled.





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