How To Prevent Carbon Monoxide Leak In Your Hvac System?

 Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odourless gas. Carbon mono oxide is the top reason for the poisoning gas in United States. Carbon mono oxide kills around 400 people and around 15000 injuries per year.

Carbon mono oxide is the by product of conduction process that occurs in gas powered furnace. This harmful gas is moved out of the house from the flue pipe of the gas furnace. With the continuous usage crack can be developed on the pipe or the furnace’s heat exchanger. This leak can result in death of your family member or cause them serious injuries.

 Here are several ways to avoid this problem.

1. Regular maintenance of your HVAC system

Make sure that your HVAC system is inspected and cleaned at least once in a year. It is necessary to check that your system is working properly and there is no leak inside the unit. Tell an HVAC contractor to come and inspect your air conditioning system annually.

It is important to ensure that your contractors test your system with the help of instrument which can detect the presence of carbon monoxide inside your system. You should also inspect your water heaters, gas stoves and even power generator for the safety purpose.

 2. Changing your air filter

Dirty and clogged air filters result in blockage of the air flow inside your air conditioning system, which is one of the major causes for the carbon monoxide leak. So to prevent your house you should change your air filters every month.

3. Proper installation of your system

It is necessary to ensure that your AC unit is correctly installed. If your blower motor is not installed properly or duct work isn’t of proper size your unit will find it difficult in venting the carbon monoxide. Always ensure that you get your system installed from qualified persons to avoid any problems.

4. Proper ventilation

Make sure that your ventilation system is installed properly and make sure that it is inspected regularly. You should make sure that flue pipes of your furnace are properly installed and there are no cracks on it. Clean your vents regularly to ensure proper circulation of air inside the house.

 5. Installing detectors

If you have a gas furnace which runs on natural gas, propane or gasoline than install carbon mono oxide detectors near to your furnace. As carbon mono oxide is a colourless and odourless gas these installing these detectors become a compulsion for safety of your house.

6. Clean vents and flues

Carbon mono oxide is one of the biggest dangers your house is having because of the unclean system. Cleaning vents and air filters is one of the best ways to prevent a house disaster.




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