How To Lubricate A Furnace?

 All types of furnaces have a blower motor attached to their system. A blower motor does the work of moving the warm air furnace to the houses. It is highly important for the proper working of the furnace. It is necessary to maintain the motor properly to keep it away from any damage or overheating. Traditional furnaces have a motor and a blower which requires yearly lubrication for proper working and increasing efficiency.

Steps to lubricate a furnace

• First step is to find out which lubricant is to be used for your furnace. It is always advisable to use a bearing lubricant which is provided in the nearby hardware store.
• Cut the power supply of the furnace. Turn off the circuit breaker and the main panel which provide electricity to the furnace.
• Take off the access panels that cover the oil ports by removing the screws.
• Remove the screws of the blower assembly and carefully remove the blower assembly out of the unit.
• Remove the bolts and the nuts on the housing and remove the motor out of the housing carefully.

• Look out for the oil ports inside your blower motor. They are placed on the side of the motor and covered the plastic caps.
• Put 2 or 3 droops of the lubricant in each port of the motor. If there ports on the oil shafts than they should also be lubricated.
• Make sure that you do not put excessive amount of oil in the motor. It can result in oil leak outside the furnace.
• Clean the blades of the fan before you reassemble the motor.
• Replace the caps on the oil ports. And resemble the motor carefully.
• Place the access panels on the durance and screw it up.
• Turn on the power supply from the circuit board and the thermostat allow the furnace to work for the while the blower motor will run smoothly if it is properly lubricated.





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