How To Install Duct Work In Air Conditioner?

 Installing a duct work is highly expensive and time consuming. Before installing a duct work it is necessary to prepare the design of the duct work. Design helps to decide the in which air travels throughout the duct work, number of ducts to be purchase and where to place the ducts.

Installation of duct work is divided into four parts.

1. plenum
2. main trunk lines
3. branch supply ducts
4. return air

 1. plenum

Plenum is a metal box with one end open and one end closed. Contractors assemble the plenum. After the plenum is assembled completely it is attached to the furnace.

2. Installing main trunk lines

Main trunk is attached to the plenum and extends to the entire length of the house. Based on the place where duct work is installed main trunk line can be placed above or below the floor.

As the square ducts are installed, it is a good idea to measure and cut holes in the top of the duct for the branch duct takeoffs. These branch duct takeoffs will be fittings that are attached to the top of the main duct and they fit in between the floor joists.

Components required for this step are starting collar, ducts, handlers and screws.

 3. Branch supply ducts

Branch supply ducts are usually rounded pipes attached to the take off ducts connected to the main trunk. Branches transfer air from main trunk to the air outlets in the floor oor walls.

Final piece of the branch is cut attached to the boot. Boot is a small component which changes the round duct into a square duct.

Once the boot has been secured into position, the next step is to install the branch run

4. Connecting the return air system

Return air system pushes the air towards the system so that it can be re conditioned and returned back.

At the beginning return air drop assembly is installed. Then return air intake grills are placed on the wall. The return air ducts are run from the indoor unit to the return air box.
At last thermostat is installed.





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