How To Install Air Conditioners?

When you buy a new house, there are endless considerations that run in your mind such as, plumbing fixtures, cabinets, countertops or floor treatments and many more. The air conditioner system is also one of theessentialthings that you need to take care of. An improper installation will make your moments in the house absolutelyuncomfortable. Here is a checklist to ensure that you haveinstalled air conditioner system in your houseproperly.

The design and size of duct: It is one of themost difficultto accomplish job in installation ofanAC system. The duct should be of right size as wellas balanced. The duct size is measuredthroughvariousformulas pertaining to installation of AC. Call an expert and reputed service provider to ensure that you haveducts of the right size to circulate the conditioned air. Balancing the duct is another complicated job which is done through various testing methods and instruments. Properlyinsulatedducts are essential to save energy as well as for effective cooing and heating.

Refrigerant is essential to functioning of HVAC:The refrigerant which was being used widely, R22 is beingproscribed by the Federal Law. The little that will be available after such ban will be catered at a skyrocketingprice. You can useR-410A, which is eco-friendly.

Balance dampers in the ductwork: Noisy ACs can make your life indoorshellish, The worst zonefornoise in a HVAC is the diffuser grille. To avoid the noise, balance dampers should be installed at some distance from the diffusers. You expert installershould be able to balanceit optimally.

Where should theindoorunit stay? Usually people mount the indoor unit at the attic, but such a location cause leakage. This can be prevented throughspecial design precautions, such as a secondary condensate pan and drain line to the exterior.You can have your furnacein the closets at floor level. This will reduce chances of leaks and water damage. On thetop it the unit will be accessible and easilyserviceable.

Placing the outdoor unit: The outdoor units are usuallynoisy.Do not keep them near your bedrooms or living room where you spendample time when at home.

Efficiency:The efficiency of a machineplays a crucial role. It not only heats and cools your house effectively, but saves on power bills. In 2006 government specified that the minimum SEER rate of an Ac should be 13.

A filter dryer: You canalso your install a filter dryer in an air-conditioner liquid line. This is effective in increasing the lifespan of the compressor. It basically eliminates damaging moisture and any grit.

Condenser Coil:
The coils made of single metal like aluminium coil and aluminium fins or a copper coil and copper fins are more efficient and long lasting. In corrosive environments specially coated coils should be used.

Return-air considerations: You should know that a properly conditioned air can enter your room amply when an equal volume of air leaves it.Thisis because unless the unconditioned airleaves the room there will not be enoughspace for the cool air tooccupy it. Therefore each room should have good entering-air diffuser and a return-air diffuser. On the other had you will not need them, if you havetransfer grilles or jump ducts of 300-400 fpm.

Air-filter location: Air filters should be located in a place where it can be spotted and reached easily. This is needed as filters need to be changed once in every three months.

Programmable Thermostat: Today you have programmable thermostatinstead of manually operated one. These can set the temperatureautomatically by sensing the climate outside. There are many benefitsofthese thermostats. You can do remote programming. You can program it to cool and heat your home only when you are inside.

Whole-house Humidifiers: Humidifiers are very important especiallyin southernUnited States. In these zones the temperaturealthough is high and has highmoisture content aswell. The ACs also can’t solve moisture problem totally as their main job is to control the temperature. However, humidifiers work in tandem with the ACs to dehumidifyhomes.

Air Cleaners: No matter how much coolness or warmth you get through your HVAC, it will not be effective unlessair that you breathe is free of contaminant. The air is full bacteria, dust, smoke and mildew. To make your indoor air more and more comfortable, you can opt for a whole-house air cleaner instead of a regular filter. These are better purifier of air than filters.

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