How To Fix Refrigerant Leak In Air Conditioner?

 The biggest drawback of the central air conditioners is the loss of refrigerant through the small leak in the in the system. It is easy to find large leaks in the system while small leaks are harder to find.

A refrigerant leak makes the air conditioner work harder which results in higher electricity consumption to. A leak can also result in the failure of your compressor.

 Steps to fix refrigerant leaks in air conditioner are

Step 1

The air conditioner has to be removed from the window and placed on a clean and dry place.

Step 2

Take off the outer body of the air conditioner with the help of a screw driver or any other equipment.

Step 3

After the outer body is removed clean the inside part of the air conditioner by spraying water to remove the dirt from the system.

 Step 4

The equipment is installed to remove the old refrigerant if required or a stop leak compound is applied at the place of leak.

Step 5

Close the air conditioner and place it back on to the window and test the air conditioner.





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