How To Fix Clogged Condensation Line For Hvac Systems?

 A home with the central air conditioning system has the drain line on the outside near the outdoor compressor and attached on the wall. This drain line drains condensation from the inside air handler unit in the form of water. If the drain line is clogged it can result in water leakage or any other problem inside the house.

 Steps to fix clogged condensate line

Step 1:

Cut the power of your air conditioner by turning it off from thermostat and also from the circuit breaker.

Step 2:

Remove the cover the cover of the drain line. The covers of pipes are different and based on installation. Remove the cover and pour the vinegar inside it. Vinegar is useful to stop the growth of algae inside the unit.

 Step 3:

Attach the vacuum hose to the drain line. Make sure you use the vacuum cleaner having the water suction process.

Step 4:

Seal the vacuum hose with the drain line. Turn on the vacuum cleaner for two to three minutes. Let the vacuum remove all the dirt and debris present in the drain line.

Step 5:

Turn off the vacuum cleaner and remove the vacuum cover. You can see the entire dust, dirt, debris and the entire water present inside the system.

Step 6:

Turn on the air conditioner after removing the vacuum cleaner. The water will slowly start to drip out again which will tell that your drain pipe is clean and the clog has been removed.





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