How To Fix A Frozen Coil?

 Formation of coating on the evaporator coil does not allow the system to work properly. It makes the air conditioner work harder to remove the heat outside the coil, reduces its efficiency and makes the air conditioner work harder to do the same work.

To solve the problem of frozen coil

 Step 1

• Find the power switch of your air conditioner and turn it off.
• Leave the air conditioner off for one or two days so that the ice which is formed on the evaporator coil is melted.

Step 2

• Once the entire ice is melted use a dry cloth to remove any water vapor which is present on the coil.
• Dry the coils completely before turning the system on.

 Step 3

• Turn on the power switch of your unit. In the thermostat turn the fan on the fan will melt the ice blocking the coils by passing the air through the system.
• Ice of the coils can be melted quickly with the help of hair dryer but the dryer should run at a low pressure to prevent the coils from being damaged.

step 4

• Check if there is any dirt present in the filters. Reduced air flow from the filters is the main reason for coils to be frozen.
• Clean the dirt present inside the air filters.

Step 5

• Check if there is any dirt is present in the fan which is fixed inside the air handler. Clean the dirt to ensure that there is no blockage of air inside the system.
• Change the air filters if they are not of proper size or there is lot of dirt present inside them.

 Step 6

• If there is refrigerant leak means that the air conditioning is low on refrigerant. This leak needs to be repaired and then the system recharged by a professional HVAC technician.

Step 7

• Reassemble the air conditioner.
• After these steps are completed check the cooling capacity of your air conditioner by turning the cooling mode on in your thermostat.
• Check the working of your air conditioner, if it is cooling the room properly, then your work is completed.




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