Heat Pump Prices

These days these are a whole range of HVAC units that operate on heat pump mechanism. These systems do not need any fuel to generate heat. They source heat from outside atmosphere and transfer it indoors to make the house warm. Heat pumps also cool houses by reversing its heating cycle. Heat pumps can be broadly classified into two categories: geothermal heat pumps and air-source heat pumps. As is evident from the name a geothermal heat pump draws heat from the ground or water bodies and the air source heat pump takesit the outside air.

Geothermal (ground-to-air)
– It is of course more expensive to install a geothermal heatpump. But it is worth as theinstallationcharges will soonbe offset by the power saving that you will make through them. Since they are installed underground they wear and tear veryslowly and have no or few hassles of maintenance.

However, a geothermal heat pump can easily be integrated with the existing system of a house. For instance, if you have traditional forced air or radiant floor heating, the former will need a water-to-air heat pump while hydroponic radiant heating systems will require water-to-water heat pumps. It is easiest to install ground source heat pumps in new constructions which have ample spaces around them. The efficiency of a geothermal heat nonindependent the size of the unit and the loop and also the heating and cooling requirements of your home. A geothermal heat pump’s capacity is measured in tons. On an average a three ton heat pump is sufficient to cool and heat most houses. Installation of heat pump also depends on local geology, soil, and land availability.

Installation of heat pump in anew house or integrating it with an existing system in an older construction requires the expertise of a professional. You cannot undertake these projects yourself. The government offers a federal tax rebate of 30% for installing geothermal heating system in your house.There are incentives in some states by utility companies for installing geopumps. This is to encourage people to use this source of renewable energy. It is Eco-friendly and also saves a good deal of power. On average, installing ground source heat pumps in a typical home of 2500 square feet, with a heating load of 60,000 BTU and a cooling load of 60,000 BTU will cost between $20,000 and $25,000.It sounds humongous, but it will reduce power bills by 40 to 60%. The life span of geothermal heat pump is between 18 to 23 years.

Air-Source (air-to-air) – The air-source heat pumps cost less than half compared to geothermalcounterparts. Howeverthey are not as effective as the latter. In colder months, the pump will not be able to source enough heat from the surrounding. You will need the support of a furnace additionally to heat our house effectively. They are generally placed outside the building, where they take in outside air and transfer heat via compression.

Besides these two major types of heat pumps, thereare also other types of heat pumps, such as hybrid pumps, which sourceheat from a gas boiler. There are absorption pumps which takes heat from hot water. These are propelled by solar panels or geothermal energy. However these pumps are yet to be used on a mass scale.

Cost: The cost of air-to-air heat pumpdependson several factors that we will discuss later in this page. But on averagein a 1500-sqaure feet house installing a heat pump can cost approximately $6,000.Heat pumps are a little more expensive than gas furnaces or central air conditioner but they are more energy efficient too. As these units run with refrigerant, you will needa refrigeration expertat the installation site along with an electrician. Most companies send both of them.

The installation charges of air-to-air heat pump goes between $800 and $1,500. This will alsovary with the size of the pump and complexity of the job. If you want to install it on the opposite side to your furnace, then extra ductwork and wiring will be required.This will increase the price of installation. On an average buying and installing heat pumps can range between $3,951 and $6,706 depending on the size.

Factor that contribute to installation cost

Always keep in mind thatyou should contact the best contractors for installing heat pump. Properinstallation is very important for its effectivity. There are some difficulties associatedwith its installation such as,excavation of the ground. Excavatingthrougha concreteground for installation will surely cost morethan ina case where noexcavation is needed. Now let’s take a look at the factors that contribute to installation cost of heat pumps.

Heat Pump: The price of the unit varies with brand, size and energy rating.

Installation Charges: The installation charges will be calculated on the basis of various factors such as usage of standard tools, readying the area for placing the pump, planning, and labor charges. A company which would do a post-installation clean-up will charge more.

Paraphernalia required for installation: To install a heat pump you will require an array of supplies such as fittings, hardware, and pipes. These do not come free with the unit. You will need to buy them separately. Geo pumps will need loops, which will cost even more.

Specialty Equipment: Complex installation will also require pipe cutters and brazing kits. These will also amount to some charges.

The size of the house is an important factor that contributes to the price of installation. It is undoubtedly a big factor that is instrumental in determining the installation cost. The bigger the size of the house, the larger thepump capacity itwill require. Consequently, the higher the capacity, the more is the charges. But donot cut cost by buying smaller pumps than your house require. You will save cost but will soon be ruffledby rising power bills and uncomfortable home.

Before you buy heat pumps, know the heating needs of your house. Buy a pump that will meet the needs. To know the heating cooling needs of your house, you have to consider the square footage of the ceiling, external wall, internal wall, and floor areas.

Every heat pump has a sound rating that is calculate din decibels. Always try to find units that feature a lower rating. The sound of HVAC units can be very disturbing. It can interrupt with your sleep and day to day work. Install the pump away from doors and windows and also a few inches away from the exterior wall. This is because some units vibrate when being run.

The climate of your region is also a big factor when deciding repurchase heat pump. These machines are best suited for moderate climates. In extreme cold months heat pump will need additional power to heat up the air that it sources from the surrounding. This will lead to a high power cost.

Heat pumps come in two designs - split-systems and packaged systems. A split-system includes both interior and exterior unit. A packaged system is an all-in-one design. Packaged systems are bestir you do not have much space to installs heat pump.

Heat pumps also have duct and ductless options. If you have ducts in your house, then you can upgrade it accommodate system Otherwise you can opt for ductless system. These need just a hole to connect the exterior unit with the interior one. If you have many rooms in your house you will have to opt for multi-zone systems. These have multiple interior units that are connected to a single exterior condenser. Single-zone systems will do for smaller area.

Heat Pump Prices

Now let’s take alook at the pricesof heat pumps of various brands. The price of heat pump is based on HSPF rating (Heating Seasonal Performance Factor), energy-efficiency rating (SEER), and sound rating.

The prices given below are only prices of units sans installation charges:

Amana: The price will range from $550 to $1000
Greed: It will range from $1900 to $4300
Panasonic: The pricerange is between $1279 and $1427.
Ductless Air: It will range from $1020 to $1198.

There are manufacturers that will not publish their heat pump prices as the cost is largely dependent on the installation charges. And installation charges are not constant for all pumps. It depends on several factors as discussed already.Here is the cost of some heat pumps from top brands which is inclusive of average installation charges. The size of heat pump considered here is about 3 ton. However, remember that the price can vary with the complexity of the project.

Coleman: $4,965
Bryant: $5,810
Lennox: $6,305
American Standard: $7,590

Disclaimer: Although rates quoted throughout the page are typical average rates that can be seen across USA, they can vary in certain areas depending upon city and the variables associated with each individual project.

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