Central Air Not Cooling

Central Air is Not Cooling: What to do?

“The central air is blowing but not cooling the rooms.” – This is one of the most rampant HVAC problems in summer time. It is really miserable to sit at home in such a situation as the temperature outside is hot enough to boil water for a cup of coffee. Most people will panic and ransack their telephone directory to call up a HVAC repair service. Others will think that it has to do with low Freon level and therefore needs Freon recharge. But before you jump into any conclusion, check the unit yourself. There’s a lot that you can do to fix it. If these do not work out, you will surely need to resort to professional repair. Remember in peak summer month sit is not easy to get a repair service provider, as they are neck-dip in repair calls.

Check the following in your central air conditioner:

Check the setting of the thermostat: See if the thermostat is set for cooling. If you have accidentally set it for heating, it will not cool your house. It will save lot of hassle if you simply set the thermostat to “auto”. The AC will blow cold air only.

Check the air filter: The air filter of an air conditioner needs to be changed once a month. If it becomes too dirty it will reduce airflow. The device will fail to circulate enough cool air in the rooms.

Check the fan settings: If you have it set to “on”, then the blower will continuously blow air into your living space without heating or cooling.

Check the power switch of your indoor unit. See, if it is on. Do not forget to check the breaker. Do the same for the outdoor unit. Now check if the outdoor unit is running. If no, look for reset button. It is generally red in color. Press it.

Clean the outdoor A/C unit: If it is still not running then, try to recall when it was the last time that you cleaned the outdoor unit. If the answer is never, then the unit surely needs a thorough cleaning. A professional cleaning will be lot better. But for the time being, do it yourself to bring the machine back its bearing. The outdoor unit often gets clogged with grass, weeds, and dried leaves. These disable its functions. As a result it is unable to cool the refrigerant which cools your indoor air. Clean your outdoor unit with a water sprayer and a special A/C coil cleaner.

Check the condensate pump:
If that didn't work, check out the condensate pump at the indoor unit. Sometimes the pump gets overfilled and fails to pump. In such a situation, it shuts off the outdoor unit. So check if the pump is working.

Disconnect Box: If that wasn’t the problem look for a disconnect box mounted on the wall near the outdoor unit. These boxes come in variety of size and shapes. You can find one with on-off switch, pull-out plug, a circuit breaker, or fuses. Check the breaker for tripping.If there is a fuse, check it.

While handling your AC unit be very careful of high Voltage, danger of electrocution. Avoid troubleshooting, if you are not comfortable with electrical devices.

If you find that the outdoor and indoor unit are both running but still not cooling the air, then check if your windows and doors are closed properly. Check out supply and return vents for blockages. Your ducts could also be too dirty and leaky. They need professional cleaning and repair. If none these work then you should schedules service call.

Given below are the situations for an uncooling air conditioner which needs professional attendance:

• The Freon level has gone really low. This generally results in uneven cooling. Sometime the AC would cool and sometime it will not.

• There is some problem with smooth flow of refrigerant

• The metering device is not working properly

• The efficiency of the device has gone down. It badly needs servicing.

• There are problems in reverse valve and compressor valve

• Duct leak in unconditioned space

Here are the situations which can trouble-shot at home.

• The air filters are jammed

• The outdoor coils are very dirty

• Open windows

• Poor insulation

• Guarded vents

• Running humidifier

• Thermostat set at high temperature

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