How To Save Energy When The Kids Join School After Summer?

Back-to-school summer means a plethora of changes in day-to-day life styles of families that have school-going kids. The children who were till now used to sleeping for longer hours and do their work at a slower pace, now have to do work according to the school bell. Their priorities would change with change in the schedule. And on the top of everything, they will be exploring a whole new world that would be comprised of new teachers, friends, books, clothes and many more. In the house too many things would change. One of the notable ones is the run-hours of your air conditioner. Back to-school does not necessarily mean end of summer when you can shelve your air conditioner. But run-hours would change as the kids will spend less time at home. But their study hours at home will become more regular as they will have to do their homework. Besides the air conditioner, the usage of other electronic appliances in the house would increase and decrease in this back-to school period. Here is some energy saving tips for this period.

Charge your electronic devices at off-peak hours

The energy rates changes with times. It is at its zenith at peak hours which generally includes the week days. The charges are quite moderate on weekends, holidays etc. You should target these low rate periods to charge your electronic devices. As the kids will not be at home for the most part of the day, their laptops and other device do not need to be functional day-long. Do not keep them plugged to the power panel if you do not need to charge them. However, if you feel that the laptop is running out of charge and is required in the evening for school assignments or homework, get it charged immediately. In such situations you can offset the energy consumption by reducing television viewing or making it easy for the washing machine or the dryer.

Buy a programmable thermostat

As the kids go back to school they will spend less time at home. The coolers in their rooms do not need to give out an arctic blast throughout the day. Although you can modify the temperature manually, a programmable thermostat will be handy. You can program it to run at higher temperatures when the kid’s room remains unoccupied. You can set the temperatures of the room according to the need in different times of the day.

Teach you kids to turn off their devices

Life without laptops, video games is incomprehensible to modern kids. These devices are often called vampire electronics. They ‘suck’ loads of electricity throughout the day although it would not seem very apparent. They are most of the time plugged to power panel running in standby mode, although they do not need to be charged.

Most kids do not take pains to shut their personal gadgets after they finish using them. Kids need to be told and taught about shutting down the devices which will also increase longevity. The same goes for refrigerators. The kids often flock them to take out their after-school snacks but do not close them properly. These little steps go a long way in making energy savings.

Back-to-school time means a period when summer is not completely gone but the heat is not acute as before. Therefore you can set the thermostat at home a few degrees higher according to the need of the season. In such times you often will go out on various errands. Make sure that the lights as well as other electronic applies of the house have been shut off or the HVAC is set at higher temperatures. Also it is time for an annual tune-up of the air conditioner if you have a maintenance contract for it. It really helps, these tune ups! Not only does it help to increase the system’s lifespan but also less energy usage and lower energy costs.

If you are going to send the old device to the graveyard, always buy an ENERGY STAR rated device. They have a lower standby consumption than an average device. They also use lower energy in all their functions. Always use power strip when connecting many devices to a single panel. Power strips allow you to toggle the power flow on and off. This will allow you to control the power usage of clusters of devices so that they’re not consuming



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