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Troubleshooting AC Blower problems

The air conditioner blowers are fans present inside the unit. The job of these fans is to blow the air that has been taken from the room through a cooling coil that has the refrigerant inside. When the air passes over this coil, the heat is absorbed by the refrigerant transforming it into an arctic blast. The blower again propels air through the ducts and distributes it uniformly to the rooms. Being a part of a mechanical system these fans can also develop snags and may not function properly. Not functioning blowers can cause annoying banging and clanging noises. Your Ac will not be able to produce cool air without these. If you ever come across such problem here are some ways to troubleshoot them:

In case the air conditioner blower is not starting at all:

It is a very common problem. The usual symptom is when you power on your unit, you will not hear any whir or hum sound and no cool air will be produced. However, do not panic. In most case it is not a serious issue and can be fixed easily. Such problems are generally seen as your AC unit gets older.

This generally happens due to overheating of the AC. This prevents the motor that propels the fan. The best way to handle this is to let the unit rest and cool down for some time. Thereafter flip switch and if it starts producing cool air then overheating was the cause. You can put on the overload reset switch. This is quick way to resolve this problem. In case the problem recurs, you will need to consult a technician.

Another reason for this problem could be fan best not working. This can happen when the belt has worn out or have shifted from its palace. In such a case you will heat the motor sound but no cool air will come out. This problem can easily be fixed by changing the belt.

Frozen Air Conditioner

You buy an AC to get cool and comfortable ambiance inside. But if the AC is all covered with ice and do not have good airflow then it will fail to provide you the comfort you are looking for. The most usual problem for an icy air conditioner is not working blowers.

If you do not have routine maintenance service for your AC then its blowers get clogged with dust and dirt. It is one of the problems that can easily be fixed. Just open the unit and remove the fan section. Now give the fans a thorough cleaning. Before you do so read the manufacturer’s manual carefully. The different models need to be cleaned in different way. Some manufacturers recommend only professional cleaning. In the latter case you will need to depend on the services of an AC cleaner.

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