Why Ac Service Is Important?

The air conditioner (AC) is one of the indispensable commodities in a modern household. It is designed to make you comfortable inside the house when the outside temperature is soaring sky-high. It is really miserable to contemplate the situation when the machine suddenly stops running in peak hot months. It is in such circumstances that an air conditioner service comes to bail you out.

The AC services are planned to tune-up your machine once or twice a year. The charges that they take for this preventive maintenance of the machine are 50% cheaper than reactive maintenance. Moreover,routine check-ups prevent your machine to develop complex defects. Small snags here and there get detected and are resolved. Overall,regular maintenance increases the life span of your unit. These services also offer you some discounts on replacement parts. Buying these replacement parts will otherwise dig a deep hole in your pocket if you buy them for full retail price.

Also, with a maintenance service, you become eligible for emergency priority service. Just imagine a situation when your AC suddenly stops running and the outside temperature is 80degrees. You can rest assured that your service provider will come and check your unit on the same day you called. This is especially useful in twelvemonths AC usage reaches its heights and repair calls are also rampant. In reactive maintenance it may take days before repair technician reaches your house.

Regularization situations that can be handled by AC maintenance service quite easily. But there can also be some unusual circumstances as well where the right maintenance agreement can be the hero you need to save the day. Let us take a look at some these situations.

HVAC Fire: You may or may not have heard about these. But they are not impossible. Blockages in condenser and evaporator coils are quite usual. And if you do not have a regular maintenance of your unit then they these blockages go undetected. These can lead to potential fire. The whole family and the house will be at peril if such a thing happens. So a tune-up service will ensure regular cleaning of the unit. This will ward off this possibility.

There are reports of blazes that were caused by the faulty HVACs. The fire department had to be called to douse them. A very usual cause is a leaking air handler which short-circuits electrical equipment underneath. In summers ACs are kept running for the whole day. The drain lines of the machines become clogged which leads to overflow. This results in wet floors. In most homes the water heater, washer, and dryers are underneath the air conditioning unit. When water drips, it shorts the equipment.

Fire from HVACs is usual in southern United States, where temperature soars very high in summers. In 2011, 215 fires in Florida were related to air conditioners. These incidents can easily be avoided by removing jams in drain lines and having the units maintained.Besides depending on maintenance services you also can do a bit at your end to prevent clogging. Pour diluted bleach into the pipes. This can prevent algae from clogging them.Do not keep combustibles, such as broomsticks or paper products, in the utility closet. Have a working smoke detector.If you are planning to buy a new unit always opt for those that have floater switches. These prevent drainage pans from overflowing. If the water rises above the danger level, the power will be switched off.

Unnecessary Heating Costs: Sometimes the power bill that reaches your home shocks you to death. You are unable to comprehend how you incurred them. You cannot match them with your power usage including the HVAC. You should know that un maintained units can also contribute to high, unnecessary heating bills. Blockage, unsoiled equipment, and low cooling and heating levels are very usual in such units. The device becomes inefficient but works hard to produce the expected outcome. As a result it consumes more electricity. Besides this when unit works hard to cool of the house it also wears and tears rapidly. This will reduce it probable life span.

However, before you give a service call, make sure your machine is ready for it. Turn on the unit. Make sure that the thermostat is set at the correct temperature. Always look for noises that are quite usual in faulty units. Check if mild smells are coming out of the unit. Always ensure if the heating and cooling is enough and if it is taking longer time to cool the place. If you notice any abnormality in these aspects you should inform the repair service provider about it. In case you are noticing an abnormality in the power bills then keep a few of them pertaining to last few months, handy. Show them to the maintenance service provider. They will be able to diagnose the problem properly.

Besides routine maintenance you can also do certain things to keep you AC clean and efficient. You should clean the debris, weeds, and grasses cluttering the outdoor unit. You should change filters at regular intervals. However, ACs cannot be properly cleaned at home as you will not have access to many components. A system should be professionally tuned up twice a year, ideally a spring and autumn tune-up.

The AC services are designed to keep you ready for annoying and unexpected HVAC breakdowns with a cost-saving maintenance program. But you have to look out for a few things when you sign maintenance deal with service providing organization.They should be reputed enough with good track record. Check online to know as much as possible about their past experience. You can also contact respective departments to know if they have any grave customer complaint registered against them. Also ask for referrals from a service provider. Always call these past clients to know their experience when their projects were undertaken. Some of the states in the US also provide HVAC professional licenses. Ask your service provider if they have one. Every HVAC professional should have liability insurance. This is mandatory to protect you in case of a damage done to your unit by them while undertaking the operation. Do not hire the first service provider that crosses your path. Contact at least three of them. Compare the quotes. Select one who offers the best price along with the other parameters.

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