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The AC technicians are air conditioner mechanics who are qualified to perform an array of tasks that are related to installation and maintenance of air conditioner units. Usually a technician specializes either in installation or in repair and maintenance. But most of them perform both the set asks. The installer fits equipment in right places and connects it with water supply lines, air pumps, wiring and, controls. The maintenance and repair technicians ensure a smooth functioning of the device by checking the equipment and looking for leaks; they will mend the unit if needed with their power tools, a variety of measurement gauges and acetylene torches.Usually technicians are employed by a servicing organization. They generally work in team to accomplish household or commercial projects. Only for smaller units, say installing a window or a portable AC, a single technician may come to the house.

When you decide to hire an AC technician for any repair or installation purpose you do not have to be very persnickety about an educational qualification. Most of these technicians learn their trade on job. Some of them go for short courses after completion of secondary or post secondary school training program in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. However, if a professional has a formal apprenticeship in the field, you can rely on him better than someone who has learned it all on job. A technical course on AC repair will cover a range of matter such as, temperature control theory, equipment design electronics, blueprint reading, shop math, mechanical drawing, chemistry, applied physics and electronics.

The license of an AC technician is very important for security of his job. Not all the states in the US offer license to AC technicians. But some of them do. So always ask the technician to show you the license if he has any. It is always wise to hire a certified technician. A number of institutions provide certification exams to test the skills of an individual. These test his theoretical knowledge as well as practical dexterity.

Always look for certain things in a HVAC technician. Size up if he is strong and agile for the job. As for manual dexterity you can only know it by contacting the referrals he gives you. Ask him if he is comfortable with working indoors or outdoors in the type of temperature your locality has. Hire technicians who can maintain their cool in trying situations. He should not shout or rebuke his clients. He should maintain adequate tact and courtesy even when his clients get aggravated. See if he is detail oriented and have a problem solving personality. Parts of these can be sized by conducting a one-to one interview with him.

Overall you should look for following qualities in an AC technician:

Mechanical Skills: The mechanical skills are crucial for an AC technician. Although most of them acquire these through training and job, they should be comfortable working with mechanical systems.

People skills – This is very important fora AC technician, remember when he undertakes your project you will need to interact with him off and on. In such situations if he loses his cool then it will be difficult for both you and him to communicate the problems as well as the probable solutions to each other. Even if you know that person is adept in installation and repair jobs do not hire him if you feel he does not have good people skills. It will create problem in the long run.

Time-management skills – This is very important. A project cannot go on for a lifetime. Everyone has time constraints and AC technician should understand it well. He should give you a reasonable time by which he will be able to accomplish his job. Itis really a chaotic situation when installations and repairs go on in homes. You wait eagerly for time when it will be completed and the house will come back to normalcy.

When you call the AC technician due to a sudden problem, he should be able to come and address your problem the same day you called. This is especially applicable in maintenance contracts where the clients are promised priority services.

Licenses –
Some of the states provide license to professionals. If your technician has one, ask him to show it. Always ask him for liability insurance. This insurance is meant to give you protection if any damage is caused to your unit when undertaking repairs.

Certification – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) maintains that the AC technicians who work with refrigerants should have certification in proper refrigerant handling. Ask the technician if he has such certification. If he has one, he is your best bet for a reliable professional. There are many other certifications that are given to technician for competing relevant courses.

Physical strength – The technician who reaches your house should be strong enough. He should be agile enough to lift AC parts, equipment, and objects.

A Detail-Oriented Nature –This is very important. He should work very minutely and in details when sizing the ducts, balancing them or handling any other aspects of the job. He should be a very organized person. He should have a schedule of when and what is going to done about the job.This will help you to maintain precise records of each visit, such as what work was done and what equipment was used.

Trouble-shooting skills – Trouble shooting skills are every important in technicians. This shows how adept they are in the trade. Sometimes you call them to know the cause of a particular problem that you are encountering. Before they come and see the unit, they should be able to give you an accurate or approximate idea about the cause by listening to the symptoms.

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