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Blog Title: What are different zone systems in split air conditioners?
What is a Zone system for split air conditioner?
Category: Home Ac Condenser Post By: JANE BROOKS (Pine Island, VA), 10/15/2013

One of the most important aspect of a split air conditioner is that it is split into an air handler and condenser. So, if you decide you want to connect three air handler to a condenser, it may be possible. There are various options where more then one air handler can be connected to an outside condenser. By doing so, you would be able to install seperate air handlers in seperate areas, and hence creating seperate zones. For each zone, you could have the air handler work at a seperate temperature. This creates different comfort zones in the building. So if the "game room" needs to be at 68 and the kitchen needs to be at 75, it wont be a big deal.

- JACOB GREENE (Overton, CA), 10/31/2013
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