Readying The Furnace For Winter

When the summer season gradually draws at its close, it is a bit early to think of winter. As you have autumn in between. But it helps if you start readying your house for winter early. One of the foremost thing to look for before winter is your furnace. After all your family will largely depend on this to survive the chilly winter days. As you turn on your furnace after almost a year you may face some operational issues. If you have a maintenance service for your air conditioner, then the technician will visit you for an annual tune up of your furnace. However, you can do a bit of troubleshooting at your end to get rid of minor issues or detect a serious problem that your furnace may have developed during this year long hibernation. Here are some troubleshooting tips-

• The filters are the most important part of a HVAC unit. A clogged filter means host of things such as marginal airflow, furnace stops functioning without warning, inefficient unit, and fat power bills. A dirty filter also lead soot to build up in the heat exchanger.

So if you find an issue with the furnace’s working always check the filter first. Keep it in light to determine if light is passing through the mesh. If it not, then the screen is dirty, If the filter is disposable change it immediately. If it was washable, wash it with mild soap and water. If you are putting in new filter, always look into the package to find out how long the new air filter is supposed t

• It is thermostat that directs the machine to generate the desired temperature in a heating a cooling device. When you operate the furnace the thermostat should be set in the heating mode and not cooling one. So always check that the temperature is set high for heating. If you have digital thermostat that runs on batteries, ensure that the cells have not run out. Raise the temperature of your thermostat up a few extra degrees to make sure that it is running as it should be and heating your home’s air

• Never close the vents of the rooms which are not occupied. This will only put pressure on your furnace and restrict it from operating it properly. It will work harder to heat the rooms.

• Beside these also check the belt of the blower motor and blower motor of the furnace. In case the motor does not start, there could be a fault in the capacitor. Also check the pilot light of the furnace. It should be giving away blue flame. If you find the flame all yellow, the pilot needs to be inspected. It could also be due to carbon monoxide leakage. When the pilot light is on, make sure that the gas is supplied to the burner. If it is not reaching the burner then there could problem in the valve. Also check for misaligned burners. If they are not aligned properly then gas can build up before it. If the burner comes on and then turns off then the flame sensor could be dirty.




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